Anger Confusion ... Its Beautiful


In the last week or so I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of students. It seems the world is ending in some peoples views. I don't necessarilty think so. If it is ending it means we are gearing up for a reboot. Yay in that case. Cant wait to see myself version 3.0. Will be fun. But more seriously I find that there seem to be a growing concern about the future ,uncertainty and confusion. I have already talked about confusion in the past. Embrace it. you grow after leaving the confusion. Remember the line from lethal weapon 3 about Chaos and Mayhem. Mel Gibson replies and says "I am mayhem" and points towards Glover and says "he is mayhem". I feel the same way about how life is. Its almost improbable that problems are NOT goint to arise. They happen. I think we are measured about how we deal with them. Here is a poem by Jay M. Johar that I hope will soothe those longing for an explanation about why.


Impossible is the opposite of Possible
Impossible is the opposite of Possible

It starts.
You stand there, watching,
Unable to figure out what's happening.
You stand helpless, powerless,
Without the ability to make any sense
Of any of this at all.
The chaos surrounds you,
You are trapped.
You are unable to do anything.
So you collapse,
In hesitant tears you weep.
You shout injustice,
But no one hears.
No one listens.
Only chaos embraces you,
And only time will tell
If you will embrace chaos in return.

It lingers.
You question.
You argue.
Nobody answers.
Nobody argues back.
You don't know what to think.
What is right, you are unable to decide.
You are confused.
Everything you believed in,
Everything you thought was the truth,
Turns out to be an illusion.
Your hands shiver and sweat.
The headache is getting worse.
It is throbbing.
You are unable to stop this pain,
And you don't know why.
Again, you weep,
And for what, you are unsure.
It is confusion, it blankets you.
Confusion, it surrounds you.


It dominates.
Arson of the heart,
You feel the hatred swell inside you.
You relish this sinful passion.
It empowers you. Your fists clenching,
You embrace this profane emotion.
Blissful anger, what joy in hatred.
What joy in violence.
You secretly embrace this spiteful fire.
You are exhilarated, almost rejuvenated, by it.
You welcome the anger with open arms.

In other News

Yep another meeting today. This time on the student front - Student Forum. Wasn't a meeting at the end but a caucus. My view is that it was a waste and would have even been more of waste had it gone on. It was a complete wasted opportunity, that we will soon recover from. I urge everyone to take up arms and join the struggle for student leadership. It is a complete waste to stand on the sidelines and criticize destructively. Let us participate and ask those who we have put in power the right questions. Maybe also those who we find in power uhmmm University Management. What is your excuse?


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1 Comment on “Anger Confusion ... Its Beautiful

  1. how are you .I can understand the meanimg of writing just like you did while putting your ideas , wishis ,emotions and feelings in words.I love it, and not in bad essence may you increase little bit the accent you utilized in order to grap your audience's attenntion i.e " chaos, anger " those headlines are used in grapping junior students or someone who loves writing just like i do,what about those who do not. It is not to judge or remove your enthusiastic but to support you because i fan you and I would like it to see you developing South Africa into literate country . THANX.

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