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Joburg is one hell of a city. Yeah it is. This week the Gautrain development had a huge breakthrough. You can check it out at The Times. Watching the video really had a great feeling. I remember coming back from NY way back when and then walking down Jorrisen street near the university, I thought wow we are getting there. We have so many building landmarks that we sometimes dont appreciate. Newer landmarks are being built as we speak. I have been lucky this year to interact with a lot of visiting academics and other colleagues from all around the world. I find myself speaking about the country in a very positive light. A topic that always come up is the history of the City of Tshwane (Being politically correct here, was called Pretoria before) and Johannesburg. Driving down the M1 and N1 for me is always fun and enjoyable (traffic or not). It always reminds me of my childhood. We used to go down the N1 going to my uncles place. Before  the division between Tshwane and Joburg was distinct. Now they are all but one large city with two different vibes. Joburg if you didnt know is the largest ManMade forrest in the world. Yep a lot of trees in this city, mostly planted by the city itself. Tshwane is more laid back, less raucous and more fun. After the milestone this week of the Gautrain I am even more proud of the two cities. There is only one way we are going, and thats up.

THe Green Vespa Heroes
THe Green Vespa Heroes

As a parting note I would like to thank the Green Outsurance heroes. Yes those points men and women who save us from the dead traffic lights. The construction around Parktown and Milpark has intensified and chaos has insued. They came in to save us on Thursday. Thanks. And remember "its better to live in the future than in the past"

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