AI To The Future: Why African Leaders Matter

Join The Africa Center on October 26th at 12PM ET for “AI to the Future: Why African Leaders Matter.” In an increasingly digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a growing influence on our everyday lives. From social media monitoring to mapping the coronavirus pandemic to self-driving cars, AI has defined our recent past and will continue to be central to our collective, global future. “AI to the Future: Why African Leaders Matter” will explore how Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora are contributing to the field and building a pipeline of talent of people of African descent. The conversation will also discuss how these leaders are addressing the political and ethical intersections of justice and technology as well as taking action on the inherent bias of artificial intelligence and its ramifications on our past, present, and future. Speakers will include Mutale Nkonde (Founder of AI for the People), Jackie Mwaniki (Fraym), and Vukosi Marivate (University of Pretoria). The conversation will be moderated by The Africa Center’s CEO, Uzodinma Iweala

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