Reflections on #USAfricaFrontiers

Group Picture at the first US Africa Frontiers Conference. Cohosted by AAS and NASEM. I co-chaired the AI session.

1. There is still much to do to build up research spend in general on the continent.
2. We should strive to build up our #AfricanMachineLearning and #AfricanNLP communities and support faculty at Universities.
3. You lose nothing by supporting, referring and praising other researchers. We are all better for it and we have a richer environment.
4. It was great meeting/reconnecting with colleagues and collaborators from Microsoft, IBM and Google AI research labs based on the continent.
5. There are those who will oppose #3. Sometimes even violently as it shifts power from a few to many. Always know you have allies.
6. Thankful to have met so many wonderful scientists from the continent as well as from the US working on some of our worlds toughest problems. I look forward to see where this engagement takes us.
7. Reminds me of a small meeting in 2019 when the AI grassroots organisations of Africa met in Nairobi. The continent changed afterwards through the work to those who committed to work together and support each other.
allies to back you up.
8. Let us keep building. The next generation will flourish even more than us.

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