Imagining Innovations 2 - The Covid dashboard: AI and “information” in pandemic times.

To disseminate this information, the Data Science for Social Impact research group at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, has worked on curating and applying publicly available data in a way that is computer readable so that information can be shared to the public – using both a data repository and a dashboard. Through collaborative practices, a variety of challenges related to publicly available data in South Africa came to the fore. These include shortcomings in the accessibility, integrity, and data management practices between governmental departments and the South African public. In this paper, solutions to these problems will be shared by using a publicly available data repository and dashboard as a case study. And also Constraints inspire creativity in data science. Vukosi Marivate of the University of Pretoria talks about doing NLP with low-resource languages, and shares how a growing multinational collaboration is shaping the future of data science in Africa through innovation.

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