Can you call the EMPD?

So, I got a speeding ticket notification via my bank. When I investigated it I found out it was in Ekurhuleni. I checked the rest of the details of the ticket. On the date I had not driven in the Ekurhuleni Municipality. Following this I got access to the speeding fine pictures, lo and behold the car was a bakkie (which I do not own). Then I noticed that the number plate was almost identical to my car except for one letter. So the automatic number plate reader had made a mistake. Whew. Now how to fix this? Let me get hold of the EMPD traffic office. Easy right. Well, this has now turned into a nightmare that keeps on going.

TLDR: I still have not gotten hold of and EMPD office after 43 all,s 20 different unique numbers. Its getting a bit frustrating and perplexing. 

Here I present all the calls I have made to try to resolve this issue. My biggest problem is that I have not been to talk to anyone at EMPD. I have not at any time been able to connect to an EMPD office. Even after being given so many different numbers be 3 main call centers the City of Ekurhuleni runs.

Ekurhuleni Calls
Ekurhuleni Calls

Where do we start? At the beginning of course, asking how to get contact with EMPD on Twitter

Well. Got two numbers. Lets try both. Well .....

Well this was just the beginning. Finally I got a call back from one of the numbers, who then told me that done deal with traffic complaints (odd, the city Twitter account shared their number with a notice that it is for traffic complaints). Anyway, got a number that I would later learn is for the emergency services. I felt completly bad when I found this out, you dont want to misuse an emergency number. Well, story gets even more interesting. The Emergency center could not guarantee that any of the numbers they gave me would work. Meaning they knew there is a problem with numbers. Just FYI these are the only contacts the city shares on their website.

Ekurhuleni Contacts
Ekurhuleni Contacts

Did it get any better from here. No. Not by a long shot. I also got in contact with the official City of Ekurhuleni call center where the operator, matter of factly, told me they do not keep any numbers for EMPD. They only have municipal office numbers. They proceeded to give me a list of numbers. You now should know the pattern, none of the phone numbers worked. None, no joke.

Here I am a week later. I still have a fine for a car I don't own. I cant get in touch with EMPD. Help.

You can view my call data here