So Mandela Passed Away

There is nothing more I can really say, nothing more I can really add that has not yet been said by the world. I can share two graphs though

Most Mentions just after (1 or 2 minutes) President Zuma announced Mandela's passing.

Most Mentioned  Mandela Tweets
Most Mentioned Mandela Tweets

As can clearly be seen BBC was ahead in its announcement. Here is the historic tweet:

Screenshot, for archiving:



2nd graph is of the hashtags:

Most Used Mandela Hashtags
Most Used Mandela Hashtags


Well, that's about it. I collected ~10000 tweets using

You can get the data I collected here:

Trivia: @SwizeDhlomo is the second most mentioned person in the 10000 tweets. The reason: He tweeted just before the official announcement, when rumours were flying, that Mandela was okay. Obviously he was wrong on that one, very wrong. This also spawned the hashtag #dlhoogle, which is hilarious.

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