Intersexions and Twitter

Whats in a word?

A lot. Below is a word cloud I created with Tagxedo in the shape of the African Continent. The word cloud was created from 30000 Tweets collected about the show Intersexions. The Tweets were collected from Feb 15 2011 to Apr 5 2011. Below is the world cloud and under it is the explanation about how its composed.

Intersexions Tweet Cloud (Click on it to get the High Res Picture)
Intersexions Tweet Cloud (Click on it to get the High Res Picture)

The Tag cloud represents a frequency graph of words. Only the top words are shown, obviously 30000 tweets has a lot of text.  Simply the bigger the word in the picture the more frequently it occurs in the Tweets. So obviously the word intersexions ( occurs the most. I ignored "RT" because as we know a lot of people are always ReTweeting other people Tweets. Other interesting words you can clearly see are:

Anyway thats it for now. Might have more to report later on about intersexions. Good use of Twitter!

More Goodies:

The top tweeted hashtags during @intersexions

  1. #intersexions
  2. #sairr
  3. #nohate
  4. #deathby
  5. #generations
  6. #wrapitup
  7. #fb
  8. #hiv
  9. #truestory
  10. #pleasecall

Most of the tweets(63%) sent during intersexions broadcasts were @ replies. So yes @intersexions did start a conversation


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  1. Brilliant idea! I only wish you or someone else had done it for the entire duration of the show but this is useful nonetheless. It reflects how the online audience engaged with the show.

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