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Peapod Online Delivery

Peapod Online Delivery

This will be a different post. In this case its a review of Peapod, the delivery service for Stop and Shop in New Jersey. For those in South Africa, home delivery of groceries is still limited but Pick and Pay offers the service through its PnP Online service. I have never used it, never had any reason to but if you have you can add your voice to this post by offering a comment down below.

Peapod, simply put, has been a lifesaver for us. We have been carless for a while now (not that its bad, have discovered the beauty of public transport) but getting Groceries in New Brunswick is best done with a car. Having the L-Bus as a Legend now also made getting to Stop and Shop in Highland park even harder. So we decided to Try out Peapod. Its a Grocery delivery service. Basically the premise is:

  • Go Online
  • Shop for your Groceries on their website
  • Choose a delivery time
  • Pay (There is a delivery charge, we are currently using the 2 month free delivery promotion)
  • Get the stuff delivered
  • You can also submit coupons and get them redeemed.

Why would I then right a whole blog post about this anyway then if thats it. Well it was awesome to use the service. How great is the service? Let me count the ways:

  • Was able to keep a running grocery list online.
  • Were able to monitor sales and also do instant recipe updates given that we could get it delivered.
  • We were able to stop impulse buys, yes we became immune to picking up more things that we needed 🙂
  • I could do shopping while away from home
  • Seeing the Peapod guys every two weeks (We had some cool ones and one that seemed to not like talking much, we tipped all of them)
  • We got to try a lot of new products
  • Good customer service.

Thanks a lot to Peapod, a blog post will never convey the message properly. 🙂

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