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#DataHack2: 2014 South African Election Twitter Interactions

This is a continuation into an analysis dive into South African election related Twitter data. Previously I created DataHack1 and after reading this post you can also see DataHack3. UPDATE: This post made in onto iAfrikan (in a nicer edited

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#DataHack1: 2014 South African Election Social Media Hack #HackRU

UPDATE: This post made in onto iAfrikan (in a nicer edited format): Link, Evernote Mirror UPDATE: DataHack2 and DataHack3 are now available. So attending a bit of HackRU Spring 2014 and thought I would take the opportunity to sharpen up

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So Mandela Passed Away

There is nothing more I can really say, nothing more I can really add that has not yet been said by the world. I can share two graphs though Most Mentions just after (1 or 2 minutes) President Zuma announced

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Is AgangSA a Cult of Personality? An attempt to quantify it

Disclaimer: This post doest not endorse any of the political parties mentioned in this post. This post is also a work in progress. It's interesting times in SA as we head towards elections in 2014. What has made it even

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Finding the Influentials: Part 3 - How do you Influence?

Wow, already at Part III. I already covered why one would want to find influential people in a social network in Part I. I discussed what the data I am analyzing is and how it was collected from twitter in Part II.

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