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New tool scrutinises SA political twittersphere [From SABC News]

Originally from SABC Digital News - Wed, 03 Aug 2016 [Evernote Mirror] With the ever-increasing modus in which social media tools are empowering all sectors of society, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in partnership with the national broadcaster

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2016 South Africa Municipal Elections

Another election year, and time to dust off some old analysis. You can see the 2014 ones here. Election season is back and so are analytics! Can you spot the #ConCourt ruling? #MySAVote #2016MunicipalElections pic.twitter.com/6QhtdaQ5t5 — Dr Vukosi Marivate (@vukosi)

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#BBMzansi Redux: Analysis of a reality TV show network

An edited (much better) version appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] We live in an interconnected world. As humans we connect with others all the time. We have strong networks, family, friends and that clique at work. We also have weak

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Tracking #BBMzansi 2015 - TV Analytics

Just a quickie. A twitter scraper and looking at a number of keywords. Tweets collected using the hashtag #BBMzansi and #BB2tv. Each of the teams in the visualisation had their own keywords. Example the team of Blue and K2 had

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#DataHack3: Where are the Tweeting classes from?

This is a continuation into an analysis dive into South African election related Twitter data. Previously I created DataHack1 and  DataHack2. Location(s), Location(s), Location(s) A common criticism when analyzing social media data in South Africa is how it is not representative of

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