Wow, already at Part III. I already covered why one would want to find influential people in a social network in Part I. I discussed what the data I am analyzing is and how it was collected from twitter in Part II. …

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Having given an overview of why we would want to find influential people on Twitter or a social network in Part I, now we move on to more data on the Intersexions dataset. Mainly: What the data is and how …

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Prof Mamokgethi Setati (Vice-Principal: Research and Innovation) and Vukosi Marivate (PhD candidate and Fulbright Science and Technology Award Fellow at Rutgers University, USA) at the first Innovation in action seminar series.

Originally appeared on Unisa Online, Evernote Mirror Innovation is not the sole domain of research – it is found in all aspects of life. This premise informed Unisa’s first Innovation in action seminar series, hosted by the Research and Innovation …

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