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NIPS Authors 2006 - 2016

As part of the Deep Learning Indaba, we have gotten a dataset of the accepted papers from NIPS 2006 - 2016 and countries of corresponding authors. We wanted to understand the scale of the non-participation of countries/regions as well as

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Dato GraphLab Demo Visit

2nd day back in 2015 and we already have a Machine Learning demo. This time we were presented with a Dato GraphLab demo by Nikolaos Vasiloglou. We are looking forward to getting our hands dirty with the framework in the next

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Visiting ALA

One of those cross off the bucket list things. Finally visited the African Leadership Academy to talk to students during their Executive Leadership series. It was a new year for ALA students and it was very refreshing to interact with

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Making Decisions in highly uncertain scenarios: Challenges in Healthcare and Education

This article originally appeared on 'The Global Scientist' [Evernote Mirror] Imagine trying to teach a machine how to play chess. There are numerous small steps to teach; strategies to start the game, strategies to play the middle of the game and

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ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning)

To Vukosi: "So about the size of your poster in relation to your height?" - Our Poster Presentation

Alright, short blurb. ICML 2011 was in Bellevue, WA this year (Near Seattle, WA to get you oriented). Monica, Kaushik, Michael and I had a paper there. Nicely named: Apprenticeship Learning About Multiple Intentions. The rest of the post is

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