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2016 South Africa Municipal Elections

Another election year, and time to dust off some old analysis. You can see the 2014 ones here. Election season is back and so are analytics! Can you spot the #ConCourt ruling? #MySAVote #2016MunicipalElections pic.twitter.com/6QhtdaQ5t5 — Dr Vukosi Marivate (@vukosi)

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Do Tokoloshes Drive South African Newspapers' Facebook Engagement?

Original Post Appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] What would you uncover if you decided to find out what the most liked, commented news articles in South Africa are? Let's find out. The Facebook Graph API provides a rich source of

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Why do Ben10s divorce Sugar Mamas?

An edited (much better) version appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] South Africa is one of the few countries on the continent that publishes marriage and divorce data. Even better, Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) makes available individual (couple) information about marriages and

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Open Data in South Africa and Beyond

An edited (much better) version appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of our lives we are creating data. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone is creating tons of data just by being alive. Unconsciously being a citizen

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