30 Hours in Nairobi: AfriCHI and Data Science Nairobi

Rounding off the birthday month!!! I had the privilege to be able to attend the AfriCHI Workshop on  Social Media Usage and its Ethical Implications. My colleague Nyalleng Moorosi and I had contributed a short position paper on the topic

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Data Science + Data Mining at CSIR MDS

Well, here is the squad  

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Data Science Chronicles: Visiting CSIR MIAS

Robots!! #NuffSaid The Data Science group visited CSIR MIAS for an hour to see some robots and talk to the researchers. It was also a great opportunity to see what Benji was up to. The students got to see some

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Welcome the MDS-IS Vac Students (2015)

Glad to have some vac-students starting with our Data Mining group at CSIR MDS-IS. This is part of our participation in the Data Science for Social Good program with Meraka. Gary Bezendeinhout Gary is studying Electrical Engineering at Wits University.

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Its been a while, Hello Again

Its been a while since the last post. A little over a month now. What has changed. Everything!!! Okay maybe not everything but a month has gone by so you can get the meaning. Things move too fast when you

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