Research @ University of Pretoria

I am at the University of Pretoria as the ABSA Chair of Data Science and Senior Lecturer. This page keeps track of work my group and myself are working on.

Data Science for Social Impact [DSFSI]

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  • H Wandera, V Marivate, D Sengeh. Predicting National School Performance for Policy Making in South Africa. [Accepted] [ML][Soc]
  • A Moodley, V Marivate. Topic Modelling of News Articles for Two Consecutive Elections in South Africa [Accepted] [ML][NLP]
  • V Marivate, T Sefara. Improving short text classification through global augmentation methods [preprint] [ML][NLP]
  • M Mokoatle, V Marivate, M Esiefarienrhe. Predicting Road Traffic Accident Severity using Accident Report Data in South Africa, Proceedings of 20th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o’20) [ML][Soc] - URL

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