See my research over the years. Click on the heading to go to the specific page. I am currently at the CSIR 🙂

Research @CSIR

Intro Currently I am at the CSIR, focused on Data Science. I am part of the CSIR Modelling and Digital Science: Information Security Data Mining group (A mouthful). In general, I am interested in topics within a wide range of application areas. With...

Research @Rutgers

2009-2015 I was interested in how we evaluate Reinforcement Learning algorithms and challenges using pre-collected/batch data. You can follow some of my work below. I also keep track of a lot of work that is concerned with "Data Science". So you will ...

Research @Wits

2007-2009 Publications V.N. Marivate, V. F. Nelwamondo, T. Marwala, "Investigation into the use of Autoencoder Neural Networks, Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Regression in estimating missing HIV data", Proceedings of the 17th...


'Some men see things as they are and ask why, I see things that never were and ask why not' - George Bernard Shaw