Tsogo High School Alumni Directory Website (2008-Present)

This one started as an idea to find a platform for students and alumni to get in touch with each other. Tsogo does not as yet have a websites. A goal was to give Tsogo a voice on the internet as well as be able to exploit the current technologies to then get in touch with as many alumni as possible. I started off with a static html page hoping to just be able to build some sort of “Alumni Database”. Simple login, fill in and check etc. Life took its own route and the project for several months was collecting dust. Enter Tebogo Tamenti(Tsogo 2004). His arrival allowed me to have someone to actually discuss some of the problems as well as a buddy to work on the project together. We quickly moved to WordPress for the website backend (Best move ever) and then roped in the social networking websites as a way to then get alumni on our website. Right now the project is at a delicate phase we have close to 600 alumni on the Facebook group and have a fast growing google group. We have also provided a home for the official Alumni Association. We are starting to feel the heat and in the last few months we have scouted for some new talent to join us and help. We used to worry about people getting interested now we worry about too many people getting interested in what we are doing. I hope this project runs for a long time and that we also find meaningful ways to give back to our Alma Mater.

See it here: http://www.tsogo.vima.co.za