I enjoy deploying WordPress websites. Some have been for organizations, some have been for pet-projects. See some of them below.


The IGRISE website is a project I started in 2002. It has progressed slowly but I think it is about to reach maturity. It has been fun to do it and have learnt a lot from trial and error. IGRISE is an organisation that I am part of. It runs student exchange...

KnockNet and Knockando Website (Project Complete and Handed over)(2006-2008)

KnockNet is a project I started in 2006 to offer an alternative release for students at Knockando Halls of Residence . The biggest endeavor in this project has been the Knockando website. Relatively overnight the publicity of Knockando grew after the ...

Save the L Bus (2010)

After one of the Buses that I used was cut due to budget issues at Rutgers I volunteered to head up the social networking campaign to coordinate partitioning and information dissemination to all of the students affected. Putting together a campaign with...
Tsogo High School Alumni Directory Website (2008-Present)

Tsogo High School Alumni Directory Website (2008-Present)

This one started as an idea to find a platform for students and alumni to get in touch with each other. Tsogo does not as yet have a websites. A goal was to give Tsogo a voice on the internet as well as be able to exploit the current technologies to then...

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