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Sun don't shine in the shade - Kanye West, Waves Growth is not only for the students, but for the program itself and all those involved. In 2017, growth was definitely on the cards for all involved. It was a …

Training future Data Scientists - Part 4: Growth - it's a process Read More »

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Appeared on iAfrikan[Link] With the release of a slice of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail correspondence by parliament, there is now an opportunity to do some data mining. For this article we will focus on looking at the network of e-mails between …

Analysis of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail network Read More »

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This is a quick post. Spent some of Human Rights day playing with Word2Vec on a dataset we have of Tweets collected from Gauteng for a 2 week period in February 2017. You can see the results of Gauteng Twitter Word2Vec …

A dive into Word2Vec + TSNE for visualisation. Read More »

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This a developing posts. Version 0.5: Initial post. My SO and I have been having a lot of conversations about Fatal Crashes in South Africa. It is a very popular issue to discuss in South Africa especially during the festive …

Road Traffic Fatal Crashes Read More »

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This last weekend was an interesting one as South Africa all of a sudden had to face evaluating the value of a TV show. This was sparked by a big news article on the cost of South Africa's current #1 …

Is Uzalo undervalued? Read More »

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