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Analysis of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail network

Appeared on iAfrikan[Link] With the release of a slice of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail correspondence by parliament, there is now an opportunity to do some data mining. For this article we will focus on looking at the network of e-mails between

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A dive into Word2Vec + TSNE for visualisation.

This is a quick post. Spent some of Human Rights day playing with Word2Vec on a dataset we have of Tweets collected from Gauteng for a 2 week period in February 2017. You can see the results of Gauteng Twitter Word2Vec

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Road Traffic Fatal Crashes

This a developing posts. Version 0.5: Initial post. My SO and I have been having a lot of conversations about Fatal Crashes in South Africa. It is a very popular issue to discuss in South Africa especially during the festive

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Is Uzalo undervalued?

This last weekend was an interesting one as South Africa all of a sudden had to face evaluating the value of a TV show. This was sparked by a big news article on the cost of South Africa's current #1

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The Art of Data Science iPython Notebook

I made a companion iPython notebook for the book "The Art of Data Science", which uses R for it's examples. Its a good book. Short but a good way to get someone acclimatised to the Data Science process and a

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