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Making Decisions in highly uncertain scenarios: Challenges in Healthcare and Education

This article originally appeared on 'The Global Scientist' [Evernote Mirror] Imagine trying to teach a machine how to play chess. There are numerous small steps to teach; strategies to start the game, strategies to play the middle of the game and

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Sunday Stats Hack: AUC vs Approximated AUC from infrequent measurements

Very interesting (to me at least) hack to check what happens when you approximate an infrequent process, to a periodic one. Click on the image to find out more.   Check out the Ipython Notebook for this hack

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Finding the Influentials: Part 3 - How do you Influence?

Wow, already at Part III. I already covered why one would want to find influential people in a social network in Part I. I discussed what the data I am analyzing is and how it was collected from twitter in Part II.

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Finding the influentials: Part 2 - The Twitter Beast

Having given an overview of why we would want to find influential people on Twitter or a social network in Part I, now we move on to more data on the Intersexions dataset. Mainly: What the data is and how

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Finding the influentials: Part 1 - Finding Ashton

During my cooling off period after submitting a paper, I thought it might be a good idea to finally put  up one of the projects I worked on while at Rutgers. I did this project while I was taking a graduate

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