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So, I got a speeding ticket notification via my bank. When I investigated it I found out it was in Ekurhuleni. I checked the rest of the details of the ticket. On the date I had not driven in the …

Can you call the EMPD? Read More »

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This is a quick post. Spent some of Human Rights day playing with Word2Vec on a dataset we have of Tweets collected from Gauteng for a 2 week period in February 2017. You can see the results of Gauteng Twitter Word2Vec …

A dive into Word2Vec + TSNE for visualisation. Read More »

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Original edited post appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] What if I offered you a great opportunity to get over 30% return on investment, every month. Yes, you read that correctly 30% every month. That is about 2,240% interest per year. …

So you want to be a MMM superstar? Read More »

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Yay, finally did an interview for a podcast. Thanks to Maurice from Revision Path. Great opportunity to talk about how I work and great questions.

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I gave a talk on Arduino Day at the innovation hub. You can view the slides here I gave an example application of collecting data from Arduino sensors and optimising the process through machine learning. Video to come soon.

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