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DALI 2019: Fairness and Transparency

Starting the year early, I had the privilege of hosting a session on Fairness and Transparency at the DALI meeting in George in January 2019. The session was co-organised with Moustapha Cisse. Motivation My personal motivations for the session was

International Data Week: Data for Good - Moving Beyond Data

This week, I was in Gaborone Botswana at International Data Week Information on the session is below The use of Data Science approach to tackle social challenges has been receiving attention over the last few years. This entails using Machine

Training future Data Scientists - Part 2: Preplanning

Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud - Kanye West, Homecoming Before the students step on to the CSIR campus, a lot of preparation happens. How much preparation? A lot! Let’s talk about preplanning.

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Training future Data Scientists - Part 1: What's in a DSIDE season?

Our work is never over - Kanye West, Stronger We just finished another season of the Data Science for Insight and Decision Enablement (DSIDE). DSIDE is a Data Science training program that recruits 50 undergraduates (3rd & 4th years) and

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So you want to be a MMM superstar?

Original edited post appeared on iAfrikan [Evernote Mirror] What if I offered you a great opportunity to get over 30% return on investment, every month. Yes, you read that correctly 30% every month. That is about 2,240% interest per year.

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