I forgot my phone

This came up on my Twitter timeline this week. Very interesting take on how technology is changing our social interactions.

Coincidentally, later in the week, this little gem was composed by my SO after she forgot her phone:

I now really understand how the lady in the YouTube video felt. I was watching people in the subway, going on about their mobile phone business. Clicking away, so engaged.

They let the entire commute pass them by without witnessing all the wonderful art on the buildings of Newark, so colourful so raw. They totally missed the sight of the beautifully scattered papers in Harrison, wow they were really missing out.

I also noticed all the amazing small creatures living inside the tracks, what a sight!! They were going on about daily business, having breakfast which is donated
by the commuters themselves, how kind and generous. These creatures have gotten quite sizable in comparison to the ones in Africa, living large I tell you, living in a land of plenty.

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