Liberate My Internet Connection

Living in the USA comes with its benefits and it's frustrations. One has been the back forth of tethering my phone internet connection. Internet Tethering means connecting and sharing your internet connection of one device with others. The biggest frustration is that the mobile networks try to extract money from you tethering a device. So I pay for an unlimited data plan but if I want to tether a lot of networks would want me to pay an extra fee. I paid for the data but I can't use the way I want. Luckily people are working on remedying this using custom applications on their phones. This is one of the reasons I switched to Android from an iPhone. A landmark case in this was Verizon vs. Tethering App makers:

The Right to Tether: What the Verizon/FCC Settlement Means to You

I use OpenGarden as my goto app. You should too. Happy tethering.

OpenGarden managing shared device internet connections
OpenGarden managing shared device internet connections

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