Motorola Triumph, Triumphs

Last November made the decision to dump my iPhone and also contracts. Moved to a prepaid provider. In this case Virgin Mobile and also got an Android Phone. In that case a Motorola Triumph. My wife and I got the same Motorola Triumph. It's been a love hate relationship with the phone for a while because of some obvious bugs it has that will not be worked out by Virgin Mobile or Motorola. I hacked the phone immediately after getting it by installing CM7. But even then still had some issues that persisted. This past weekend I finally got an update to CM7 that now is so good I still can't believe it. So finally for me, the Motorola Triumph has triumphed.

If you own one, get this ROM: [ROM][FINAL] CM7 7.2 rc1 - g60 style-final *3G fix [7.11.12] - Android Forums

Smooth Android 2.3 Experience on the Triumph
Smooth Android 2.3 Experience on the Triumph

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