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Goo Goo Dolls Live

I have been back in the US for a month now. The summer has been hot after a cold Winter in South Africa. Since been back it has been back to work. Got to work on a project I dubbed Spyder Car with an intern in the lab and its currently a work in progress looking at some interesting topics. I also got a great opportunity to meet students from the Governors School of Engineering and Technology at Rutgers. The Governors school is a summer program for talented high school kids from all around New Jersey. I have also been able to do some summer travelling. I spent my 4th of July weekend in Philadelphia with another Fulbright student. It was a great way to spend Independence day and also get to experience it in the City that it all started. To make it even better I also got to see The Roots and The Goo Goo Dolls live by mistake (yeah it was by total coincidence it happened but it was a great  concert). Now after all of this and some other things happening I got an opportunity to go to Camp Rising Sun Redhook this past weekend.

Camp 2010

Welcome Back!!!

It has been 8 years since I attended camp. I am a 2002 alumnus and now I was back where I think another big part of my life was shaped. It was a 3 hour drive from New Jersey but it felt like 10 minutes. I took the trip with Agnes who was my journalism councilor in 2002. She is also an unbelievable dancer. She was also a councilor at CRS Stendis in 2001. We had met again last year for thanksgiving and now had 3 ours to burn an catch up with old camp stories and also talking about what camp really means at this moment and time. I had met with the new South African campus before I left SA and I was happy that a new season would begin with 3 campus (should have been 4) instead of the normal 2. The weekend was production weekend so both camps (The Boys and The Girls) were putting on their drama productions. The first was at Clinton (Girls Camp) on Saturday. There was a lot of dancing in their production and I think the heat on the day just made the production even more psychedelic :). It was great(abusing this word now) again seeing the girls camp and also seeing some Alumni from 2002.

Lala, Agnes and Me

The Saturday evening was spent at the boys camp watching as they were rehearsing for the next day. The South African campers are all enjoying their time and I am happy as the new selectors have done a great job. Camp is  wonderful experience for young minds like this. Thinking back to how after I came back from camp my mindset on life had shifted. I have seen this with my own siblings on how these international programs in general just push you to explore more and also try to do more than you had ever believed. For me it was a time of introspection while also thinking of loved ones back home in South Africa. We go through so much in life but as long as our core stays rooted we cannot be shaken. Camp is one of my deep roots. It gave me the opportunity to really express who I was while at the same time honing some of my skills. At camp I was the journalism manager for a while with another camper. We put out a number of newspapers and that was a great experience. I have since moved this love to writing and also composing multiple online projects. Sometimes its so good hearing about past campers and how they have gone on with the loves they had while at camp and conquered their worlds, sometimes shocking when you here they have done a complete 180 and done something else. But hey thats live we do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do. So this is my first post on Camp in a while and there might be one more to be pushed out. The best part of being back at camp was meeting up with Zsoka and Dave again. Councilors are awesome. Should be returning to camp again this weekend and cant also wait for my significant other to experience camp even just for a day next season.

Enjoying the Freedom

Me, Khwezi and the Liberty Bell

Going back to Independence day weekend. What a weekend. I had my first Philly Cheese-steak in Philly and also got to really take in the history of the independence of the US. It was also great having Khwezi around as we could then frame the theme of independence and freedom to the rest of the world. I love my freedoms and also am respectful to other's freedoms. I think that expression of freedom is needed everywhere in the world. There were a number of protests around Philadelphia on the 4th of July, reminding us that there are still a lot of people struggling for their freedom and sometimes independence even in this day and time. Lets all continue fighting for whats right and necessarily politically correct. 🙂

Ha it seems I did not hit the 1000 word mark this time. Next time 🙂

I leave you with the Roots

The Roots - You Got Me

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  1. I enjoyed talking to you at Camp and hearing your presentation on South Africa! Thanks for spreading the word on all the good things going on at Camp Rising Sun!

    Nita Luis

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