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Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

I am going to just come out and say it. These last few months were a rebirth of my love for good raw music.

Lets Mix

To start it off I will highlight Girl Talk.  I watched RiP!: A Remix Manifesto in early February. It was an interesting view on the world of music and how artists are coming up with innovatice ways to create, adapt and share music(I am anti DRM). I then got copies of Girl Talks albums. You can get them here, you can choose to pay or not to. I would suggest you do, the music is great. Girl Talk uses sampling to create new songs. Not sampling in the Hip Hop sense of having a backing melody with different lyrics, but he takes 10 or more songs, puts them all together and creates a whole new song that comes out to sound like nothing you have heard before. Its beautiful, its dangerous, its rogue its Illegal Art!

Lets Discover

Youtube, more than ever is here. Youtube as a video sharing channel has had its positives and negatives. One thing I will put up that is has brought is another music revolution. From Justin Bieber (If you dont know him, dont worry I didnt know him until I saw the trending on twitter) to the Youtube Symphony Orchestra. My own subjective find has been Boyce Avenue. They have done a lot of acoustic covers of some of the songs I love and also some songs one might not expect. Like an acoustic cover of Usher's "Love in this club". So the age of the Youtube star is here and some would say it is so yesterday, I say it will still continue.

Lets Enjoy the Process

Take Away Shows

I met Stefania Rousselle in New York in late March. She is a web media creator and she also showcases some of the "most important" videos one should watch on the web :). Through her I discovered The Takeaway Shows. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I love small venues, intimate venues and good music. Music was meant to be heard not seen (thats my view) but we all dont have the privilage of getting that one to one with artists and see them really connect with their music. Well the Take Away shows allow the most raw connection I have seen with artists that you will come to appreciate and love. Its intimately shot, the camera work is beautiful the music is haunting at times. One of my best is The Antlers(Recommended by Stefania) and the one I have been shamelessly sharing this month the Tenniscoats.

Lets Share

During my undergrad I had the luck of meeting Thulani Vilakazi and getting introduced to the process of sharing music as a music DJ. Its an art and there are a few good ones out there, minus the commercialization. Yes I watched B4MD and you should too. From there I learned about sharing the gift of music so here is my list of people i have listened too and loved the last few months.

  • MayDay Parade
  • Steve Jablonsky
  • +44
  • Tenniscoats
  • Tallest Man on Earth
  • The Antlers
  • GirlTalk
  • Michael Giacchino

Yes this was a different post to what I normally put on. As they say don't take life too seriously, smell the roses. Well I say don't take life too seriously, close your eyes and enjoy the music. For Thembi,

Now there is no need for suspicion
There ain't no frog kissing your hand
I won't be lying when I tell you
That I'm a gardner I'm a man
In your eyes babe -

Tallest Man on Earth

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