Thank You Lenovo

I normally don't do this but I have to in this case. In early January my laptop screen hinges finally gave way. I have owned my current laptop for over 2 years now but it is still going strong. So I was saddened by this and even more saddened when the repair cost in South Africa was going to be astronomical, and thus had to contemplate the stressful task of buying a new laptop soon. I did some research online and found out that the hinge problem was actually a design defect on most Lenovo IdeaPad Laptops. When I got back to the US to start my spring semester I called up Lenovo USA and they offered to do the repairs for free. This was great. What even better is that I shipped it to them the next day and got it back in about a week delayed due to the heavy snow. I got it back, it was all cleaned up and looked just like new and they had also updated my bios, so my webcam actually works now in Linux and Windows , and cleaned out the dust inside. Now it runs quiet and looks great. The biggest issue I had is that the core2duo inside still is good for a while, it has been pulling its weight even though technologies have changed in the last 2 years. I commend Intel for that. The laptop also has 3GB of ram which I still do not use effectively as I use about 1.9 GB on a heavy day.

Thank You Lenovo for fixing my Laptop for Free!! As in free Ice Cream, everybody loves it!

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