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Yes yes yes, finally you say. Okay the guide is finally here. Installing Ubuntu Linux version 9.04. Okay maybe not Ubuntu in its normal clothes but Linux Mint 7 Gloria. Let the version numbers not confuse you. Linux Mint is a project to build an Ubuntu build that works completely out of the box, so it also includes proprietary (closed source) drivers etc. It is my personal favourite distribution I use it at work and at home. In South Africa especially with bandwidth limitations you want to have something like this. Just works.

So what is this guide about, its for you to keep and use all you want in the future. It gives you an option for an OS that you can use that is not Windows, or Mac for some of you, its Linux, its here and its fresh. Its Linux Mint. This is a walk-through about installing the system. Its not an advanced Linux installation how to. Its very very very simple guide that hopefully will get you interested in installing your first Linux box or get you to reinstall after your last nightmare install.

The Machine I used for the latest install

Lenovo Y510 Laptop
160GB hard-drive
1.73 GHz Centrino Duo Intel Processor
3 GB Ram

1. Get the CD. If you have the bandwidth you can head over to and download the latest ISO image and burn it. If you don't have the bandwidth find a friend who has the image or the bandwidth. After getting the CD pop it in your cleaned out machine. I mean this for this install, this is not a dual boot installation. This is an installation just for linux. If you have a desktop I would advise you get a second hard-drive and put Linux on that if you want to keep your other install. Pop in the CD and boot from CD. This is the screen you will get:

2. This is a live CD so it will startup like an installed system. If everything goes well your final screen will look like you have just logged in.

3. Now click the install icon. If you have gotten this far its a good chance the rest will go okay. A screen will pop up to start the installation. The first screen is a language one. Aside: Anyone interested in translating Ubuntu to Tsonga or Setswana?

4. The next screen is a nice map asking about your location. In South Africa I normally choose Johannesburg.

5. The next will verify your keyboard. Most SA keyboards are US, some PCs are imported from the UK so a small amount of them will be UK.

6. The next one is the tricky one if you want to do a special install. As we are not doing that we will just go through it quickly. Its the partition screen. As in partitioning the hard-drive. In this case I will let the installer choose the best configuration. So I chose use entire disk.

7. The next is the user screen. This is the base user of the system. Create your user, enter the password and that's it.

8. Thats mostly it, yes. The next screeen will just need you to press next, it just tells you what the installer is about to do.

9. Now just sit back and let it finish installing.

10. After the installation you will be asked if you want to stay in the live system or reboot. You can reboot or restart.

11. You have now installed Linux Mint. Restart and boot in to your new system. The login window will look like this:

Put in your login information and login for the first time.

12. Thats it, that simple. The desktop will greet you and you will notice that you already have a couple of programs already installed. Much more than in a default Windows or Mac OS install. My desktop looks like this. It has a personalised wallpaper.

The major programs that come with the installation are:

  • Open Office (Microsoft Office replacement, very capable, it is a standard at the CSIR)

  • Firefox Web Browser (Great replacement for Internet explorer)

  • Thunderbird (Great replacement of Outlook)

  • GIMP (Very advanced image editor, closest thing to Photoshop for free on Linux)

  • Pidgin Messenger (You can connect to Google talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo etc.)

  • RhythmBox (iTunes like music manager)

  • Movie Player (Does what it says)

  • Brasero (Nero replacement, who still burns disks anyway?)

  • There is a lot more, you just need to explore.

What I would suggest you download and install:

Cheese Webcam

In my next post I will deal with installing a 3G modem, installing programs via Synaptic and changing repository options.

Who am I? I am Vukosi Marivate, I am a researcher at the CSIR South Africa. I like playing around with operating systems, I have and run all major ones (Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X Leopard and Windows 7). I also like working with Virtual machines with my development work. I use VirtualBox and VMWare server to deploy development environments at work.

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