Tomorrow is Today

Yeah took a bit of a break from this but its been days like no other. Conversations, life and events. Where are we going? Are we ever going to find what we seek in this world. Whether that be replaced by religion or whatever addiction you have, are you going to get to the end? Sometimes events happen in our lives that just leave a mark. Sometimes nothing happens and we "Crash" into each other just to get the feeling that we are alive. We put on a facade that we dont need help. We drown in our own pools. We fall from our own chairs. Well sometimes you cant make it on your own.........

Us, in South Africa look towards a greater power or powers to help us. But again what are you doing to make a difference to those around you. How long will we wait for these guardian angels who seem to be on extended leave. How long? There are those we neglect, There are those we ignore. There are those who are not our problem. I will quote no verses. But I ask once again, what are you doing? Yes now, yes tomorrow, yes yesterday! What are you waiting for, take off your shoes and delve into the unknown and helps those you can.

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