Poor or Criminal?

Yeah sometimes you push yourself to levels you shouldnt. It hurts, you take a breather and you hope it doesnt happen again. Well it more than likely happens again at even higher levels. As South Africa finally is hurtling itself into future one shoud look back and really ask themselves if its getting better or worsen. Unfortunately  we seem to be having a wider wealth gap as our economy "Grows".

This is becoming more imp ortant now as we seek to define the success of the ANC government. I think its time we ask the right questions and demand answers. It does not help us if the poorer are getting poorer and the richer richer. We are then heading to a destination that we probably did not forsee. We then enter an environemtn where we will be asking "Does Poverty Cause Crime?". Our crime stats seem to be gloomier every year. One stat goes down another goes up. Now we even have a "Heist season in South Africa". I am always a bit edgy in December around cash in transit vehicles. This year will be no different. Is it greed? Are the needy resorting to getting what they want with force? Are we ignoring those that need us most (Black, White, and all other colours) and thus causing our own downfall? I know some will throw mud at me for just saying this but it has to be said. We have to ask ourselves. What are you doing to make a difference? Who are you waiting on? What are you waiting for? When are you going to start?

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    All I know is that a man's happiness rises more in giving to those he loves. A person who has nothing to give to his children and other loved ones finds it hard to play his position as a father, mother or citizen. People cannot live without food and warm shelter. People want money to to live a fulfilled and abundant life. So keep your morals, your ideas, religious beliefs and theories, for they matters not unless a person is living a fulfilled life. You cannot pray while hungry or give love to your children or your nation while hungry. Like Karl Marx says that we are not motivated bygrand ideas but by material concerns. Crime is a social conflict caused by material concerns, by the power imbalances caused by wealth. As long as the Wealth of the nation will be shared only among the very few, then crime is here to stay. I do support any crime prevention and crime fighting programs, but I am a great supporter and when stand with any plan aimed at economically empowering the poor to rise and make their lives better. To fight crime you have to fight poverty first.

    Everyone uses examples of well-off people like Jackie Selebi and other rich people who commit crime, but the truth is that they are poor in relative to their social environment,lol. If they lived in Soweto they would not see the need to commit crime, lol.

    But being serious All I am saying is that Education in terms of the principles and morals means nothing when someone is hungry, just like the feeding schemes were introduced in disadvantaged school because children go to school hungry and cannot learn, so this applies here that if people are hungry they cannot learn your principles and ideas about not commiting crime.

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